Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Response to: What is the big deal about Meghan McCain's tits?

While wasting time on DIGG I noticed the above linked blog post and decided to respond. I realize that this is not my usual fair of technology ideas, but I do have opinions about other things in this world.

Well, the fact of the matter is that we are all sexual beings in that sex and sexual attraction is part of our makeup. We evolved that way so that we would actually reproduce. Women evolved to not show outward signs of "estrus" so that men would be attracted to them all the time. This was beneficial at some time in our distant past. Now that our culture is evolving faster than out bodies this whole thing has us rather confused. But there is no denying that - other than some exceptions and differences in degree - people are sexually attracted to the bodies and behaviors of others.

There is also no denying that some of us indulge this urge more than others. And that is perfectly natural too. The problem comes when those people who - through either nature or nurture - have less of a tendency toward this indulgence feel it is incumbent on them to force others to behave as they see fit. That is when calling someone a "slut" shifts from a statement of statistical fact (meaning that person is a statistical outlier in the indulgence bell curve) to being an insult (meaning that person is somehow bad for simply being who they are).

About all one can do about those people who would choose to control others is to tell them to shut the hell up and then ignore them as best as one can. If they attempt to use force - through the imposition of laws - then we have to work together to shut them up, either through publicly exposing their attempts to control or by other political means.

However, licking a book while making an expression that looks as if the book either tastes absolutely horrible or that one is being forced to do so at gunpoint doesn't really seem to help much. If you want to illustrate that you like the book then just hold it and smile. Look as if you actually enjoy reading the book. Trying - unsuccessfully, I might add - to look as if you would enjoy having sexual congress with the book simply makes you appear to be quite the statistical outlier indeed.

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