Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The coolest non-gadget things for thinking people.

OK, I'm not usually one for product recommendations on blogs, and I haven't actually used either of these products myself. I just found them on the internet after reading this LifeHacker post. But I am so excited just knowing that they exist. The products are:

  • A "magnetic" paint from a company called Magamagic™.
    • Actually it has iron filings in it so magnets can stick to it.
    • I'm just guessing but it probably blocks WiFi and other microwave frequencies as well.
  • Whiteboard paint from a company called ideapaint.
    • Although certain people I know might not like the idea of drawing dry-erase drawings all over the house, I would definitely like to have some major surface area covered with this stuff.
    • It comes in more colors than just white. They are actually pretty nice, subtle colors.

I freaking LOVE whiteboards. I used whiteboards extensively when working out various aspects of DEMML™ and my Trinary Space concepts (not posted yet). And being able to stick a magnet to the wall anywhere? How cool is that?

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