Monday, September 24, 2012

As-Built Document Flow

Here is a Microsoft Visio diagram I created to illustrate the convoluted processes by which documents move around within my department and finally end up in what is called an "As-Built Packet." This is a more visually appealing - and more visually accessible - version of a classic 'swimlane' diagram. Each horizontal bar is a 'lane' which represents either a department within the organization or a specific role within a department. Most of the shapes were found in the selection provided with the software. However, some of them I had to create myself, either from scratch or by modifying shapes provided. Specifically, I created the filing cabinets, the blueprint, the clock, the notebook, the brown accordian file, and I added the hard-hat to the contractor. I also created the custom conveyor-belt line type. I strongly believe that visual metaphors such as these make it much easier for people to understand and internalize the message of a diagram as opposed to just a bunch of text in boxes.

(Click on the image to go to a full-size .PDF file of the diagram.)

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This diagram is posted with the permission of my boss.

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