Thursday, July 2, 2009

Way back, last September I saw a great piece on Nightline about an isolated Amazonian tribe that was suffering because of the ranchers destroying the tribe's lands. (Jungle Journey: Living With an Isolated Amazon Tribe: Exclusive Access to a Remote Amazon Village Where No Reporter Has Been Before By DAN HARRIS Sept. 22, 2008). After watching the story, I came up with an idea that might help the tribe. I quickly wrote it down on a piece of paper and just as quickly lost it on my desk under a pile of other notes and magazines. So, I'm cleaning off my desk today (Yes, it has been over a year since I last undertook this arduous task.), found the notes, and finally posted my comment. Here is what I said:
I realize that this comment is a little late in coming. I just recently found my notes about this article while trying to dig out from under the pile of paper on my desk. Some members of the tribe should put together a presentation (Ala An Inconvenient Truth) and go on the lecture circuit Al Gore style. Who better to tell the world about their way of life, their philosophy, and what is happening to them than actual members of the tribe. they could use the money they earn from lecture fees and all the extra donations they receive to fight the ranchers and corrupt governments that let the ranchers ruin their land. Who knows, they and their philosophy of "Take only what you need and share it with others" may even help the rest of us save our world too.

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