Friday, July 3, 2009

A Word About Copyright and Plagarism

Unless otherwise specified in an individual post, I, Grant Sheridan Robertson retain the copyright for all of my posts. As many of these posts are papers I have written in college, some may be tempted to take these posts and turn them in as their own work. I warn you not to do it. If you can find this web-site then so can your teacher. In addition, I have a rather unique writing style and your teacher will probably recognize that my style does not match your own personal style. You are welcome to quote these papers, although none of them should be considered "academic" or "peer reviewed" because they have not been published in any official academic journals. However, you should feel free to use my list of references to add to your own research. That is always OK - and even encouraged - in academia.

This post is Copyright © 2009 by Grant Sheridan Robertson.

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