Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My First Flash Project

Here is the first Adobe Flash animation that I made for my AR399 class (Animation and Gaming). I have attempted to recreate the experience I had when I was a child and first learned that a "famous artist" could possibly make a mistake. This painting is what made art seem accessible to me. I have been a big Bruegel fan ever since.

Unfortunately, I had a hell of a time getting Blogger to display my flash properly. So I have posted it up on the tiny bit of personal web space I have with my ISP. Just click the picture to go to the actual animation.

Bruegel's Peasant Wedding

The contents of this post is Copyright © 2009 by Grant Sheridan Robertson.
Naturally, this only includes the Flash animation. The rights information for the original image that I used is at


  1. it doesn't work for me =(

  2. They must have changed something. I will figure out another way to get it to display.

  3. I had the Flash file on GooglePages but they migrated that over to Google Sites which won't display Flash files. I figured out that I could put it on my personal space on my ISP for now. I will have to move it later when I change ISPs but it is better than nothing. Try it now.

  4. It worked great. I like the lines around the correct answer ;-) Very cool.