Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Really?! Microsoft Update really needed to screw with my networking settings?

I have a desktop and a Tablet PC which I network together via a crossover cable. I use the NWLink IPX/SPX NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol and the NWLink NetBIOS protocol rather than the standard Microsoft NetBIOS because I find it to be far more reliable, and a little bit faster.

This morning I ran the Microsoft Update on my Tablet PC. When it was finished the network connection between my Tablet PC and desktop wouldn't work. A quick look revealed that Microsoft Update had disabled my NWLink protocols and installed Microsoft's NetBIOS protocols instead.

Are they that freaking determined that everyone on the planet use their products that they have to screw up my network connections just to increase the proportion of computers that are using NetBIOS? Really!?

And the bizarre thing is that the NWLink protocols were written by Microsoft too. The technology just wasn't invented by Microsoft so they gotta try to shut it down. Talk about poor sports.

Unfortunately, I am far too dependent on certain Windows compatible programs to jump ship over to Linux. And Apple is even worse than Microsoft when it comes to consumer lock-in. Not going there either.

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