Saturday, June 20, 2009

About This Blog

Well, I guess if I am going to start posting things I should at least post an explanation of what this blog is about and why I am doing it. I am not trying to become a famous blogger or make lots of money analyzing the internet or anything in particular. However, I do have some stuff I would like to show off to the world and this is an easy and free way to do it. I have written several things I am especially proud of over the years and I figure it is a shame to hide them on my hard drive where no one can see them. I realize that these will have a very limited audience (family, friends, and such) but I am sharing them anyway. I will admit that the final impetus for actually getting around to setting up the site is my desire to get into graduate school. I have often been told that I write very well. However, I usually take longer than 45 minutes to write even a short e-mail. So I have some doubts as to my ability to create a top scoring GRE essay. This blog is, in part, an attempt to collect samples of my work for graduate admissions people to view and evaluate. I also have (what I think are) some pretty good ideas from time to time. Ideas I know I will never do anything with. What the heck, someone aught to get some use out of them. Again, if they impress anyone on a graduate admissions team, more's the better. There will be quite a flurry of posts at the beginning as I dig out all my old writings and post it. Things should taper off after that. Since most anyone reading this blog will probably not even know it exists for quite some time, the flurry should be well over by the time you read this. I hope you enjoy what you see. Please don't be afraid of leaving a comment. Grant S. Robertson

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  1. A flurry indeed! But you do write very well.